Datalogue Recruiting

We are always looking for talented engineers that have a passion for Data Engineering and Machine learning.

We are also passionate about Open Source Software. All what we built is based on it and we care about contributing back to the community.

As such, if you want to come work with us at Datalogue, we will ask you to contribute to one of those projects in a meaningful way and send us a link to your Pull Request with a resume and quick blurb about why you wanted to work on this at The idea is that we don't want you to loose your time on a challenge that is just of interest to us. By contributing to an Open Source project you help the community thrive and keep ownership of your work.

Those projects were selected because we use them, we know how awesome they are, and we would like you to contribute to it. The amount of work that you put in is up to you, it just needs to showcase your skills.

Backend Scala Engineer (Montreal, Ca)

This position is about working with us on building distributed data pipes that transform and move data from any location in any format to another location and a possibly other format. It also involves working on the Web APIs for our different products.

Here are some projects that we either use or appreciate:

Deep Learning Engineer (Montreal, Ca)

This is about building algorithm that understand data structures at a very deep level. We are using cutting edge neural network architectures to identify data assets ontologies and relate them to one another.

Here are some of the projects we use that you can contribute to:

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